Hospital Admission Prevention (HAPs)

A recent report identified that 29% of hospital beds are occupied by patients who were admitted unnecessarily and could have been treated elsewhere – including patients with conditions that could have been treated in the community, as well as patients who had been readmitted within a week of discharge.

The main aims of our Hospital Admission Prevention Service (HAPS) are to:

  • Avoid unnecessary adult hospital admissions
  • Provide better outcomes and experiences for the patient
  • Provide substantial savings to the NHS provider
  • Allow hospital facilities to be used more efficiently and cost effectively
  • Ease pressure on the demand for beds

Our HAPS service is solely aimed at supporting people who may otherwise be taken into hospital unnecessarily when they can be looked after in their own home, for example, while medication is allowed to take effect or if their condition is being monitored.

Research shows that people convalesce better in their own homes and are happier in their own beds. For patients with dementia or sensory impairments, their home environment provides less confusion where optimum care and recovery can be provided.

The service is flexible according to the needs of the patient and is frequently based on a rapid response process, from the time when the problem is identified. Normally the service is provided for 24-72 hours and includes overnight cover. As soon as Care at Home Services (South East) is contacted, a rapid assessment would be carried out by a qualified risk assessor within 2 hours of the initial referral.