Hospital Discharge Services

In the interests of patient safety, many hospitals may delay discharge if there is no or insufficient home support. This can place an additional burden on the NHS if it means that beds are blocked by patients who would probably recover more quickly at home. Private hospital patients may end up staying in hospital longer than they need to or can afford.

Care at Home Services (South East) can provide a flexible service for patients being discharged from hospital, whether the discharge is planned or at short notice.

We can:

  • Arrange to meet the patient on arrival home or accompany them home
  • Provide extended support on the first visit while they are getting settled back in, to include shopping for basic essentials, making up beds, and ensuring that the house is clean and tidy. This is essential for patients with little or no family support
  • Remain overnight or live on site for a couple of days if more intensive support is required
  • Agree with the individual/family or care manager what additional support and visits will be needed in both the initial period, and/or the longer term
  • Liaise with GPs, District Nurses and other professionals to ensure that the individual is appropriately supported and readmission is therefore prevented