Palliative Care Services

With NHS community nursing resources overstretched, it can be difficult to provide the quality and standard of palliative care to enable a person to spend their final days in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home. This is especially the case where the person lives alone or with a partner who is unable to cope.

Our end of life services can alleviate the pressure on the family and healthcare team by bridging the gaps between palliative nursing visits either on a live-in basis or with regular visits during the day, or overnight stays. We can provide a full range of care and support services to ensure that the individual is as comfortable as possible in clean and tidy surroundings with proper hydration, nutrition and personal care.

Where pain relief is managed through medication, our staff will supervise and record medication and report back any signs or symptoms of deterioration to the GP or community nurse. Specially trained staff can support the administration of oxygen and take care of complex needs such as stoma and catheter care, monitoring temperature, blood pressure, fluid intake and general health and wellbeing.

In addition to ensuring that the physical needs are met, our staff offer companionship and comfort to the individual and the family at this difficult time.

As well as providing care on a planned basis, we can offer respite support to the family carer for just a few hours or several days so that they can rest assured that the individual is in good hands while they are away, with regular contact from the care worker if required.