Congratulations Lisa Mouzer on 20 years of service

Congratulations to Lisa Mouzer who has been with the company for 20 years. She was presented with flowers, various gifts and a 20 years’ service certificate. Lisa stated that the reason she stayed with Care at Home Services for such a long time, was that the clients are delightful, her colleagues are fantastic and a real team. She said that the office staff are always there to help.

Thank you Lisa, we appreciate all the hard work and dedication to your clients over the past 20 years.

Thanks to our carers

We really do appreciate our hard-working carers who went out in the snow this winter. The photo shows one of our carers in the Cranbrook area of Kent getting in shopping by using a sledge to transport the shopping for clients unable to brave the snow.

Our clients all live in a small Kent village with a close community feel. Over the snow period our care workers ensured everyone had the bare essentials such as milk, bread, butter and enough food for main meals etc.. A special thanks to all of our dedicated carers who genuinely care for their clients.