Covid 19 Emergency Fund and Crisis Grant Fund

You may be aware of the normal hardship grant available for care staff ; however you may not be aware that an additional line of support has been launched to cover any staff who work in social care who may be struggling financially due to Covid 19. For example, somebody on SSP or who is self-isolating unpaid.
For further information, please click here as you are supported.

Thinking yellow

“Losing someone is hard enough, but not being able to hold your family close when you do is the most gut-wrenching pain I’ve ever felt in my life.”
Carer bereaved by Covid 19,
Guardian Newspaper 20th March 2020

At a time when even grieving is impacted by social distancing, a family has come up with the idea of displaying a yellow heart to show the loss of a loved one due to Covid-19. Let’s support each other in this time where grieving may be more difficult than normal and put up a yellow heart in remembrance of those that are gone but not forgotten.

Poems in a Pandemic


A collaboration of social care providers, along with support from Care Talk, are running a poem competition for front-line social care staff and support workers.

The competition has been split into 10 categories, with the winners of each category having their work published in a book. The proceeds of the books will go to supporting the mental health of care workers through art projects.

A separate art competition will be running alongside as well. So get your creative thinking caps on and getting writing/drawing! Good luck!

For further information and rules go to Caretalk by click here.

The Rainbows have landed

Something truly wonderful has been happening at the Care at Home Services and Beechtree branches. An amazing display of creativity, competition and compassion. A new gallery is on the website so you can all have a look at the fantastic work across the branches. If you click on the image under each branch it will open up a page with further imagery. Please click here to view the gallery.