NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

With its teams of trained home care staff, Care at Home Services (South East) have experience in providing a range of domiciliary support services to hospitals, clinics and medical centres in both the NHS and the private hospital sectors as well as local authorities. These include:

Complex Care Support

Providing care and support to patients who have been discharged from hospital in receipt of regular visits from healthcare professionals, but who are unable to carry out normal day to day and personal care tasks independently. This service can be provided on a regular visit basis or with 24/7 live-in care.

NHS Continuing Care

Where a patient with a long-term condition has been assessed as eligible for ongoing care at home, we can provide all the homecare services required to enable that person to stay at home. This includes meeting all domestic support and personal care needs.

Hospital Admission Prevention

Some hospital admissions can be easily avoided by utilising the skills and experience of trained carers to provide additional one-to-one care, support and monitoring in the individual’s home for a period up to 3 days, including nights if necessary. This service is especially suitable for urinary tract infections.

Intermediate Care

We provide homecare services as part of a supported discharge programme, working alongside a team of healthcare professionals including nurses and occupational therapists, to enable the patient to regain their confidence and independence.  The service can be for a few days or a few weeks depending on the individual needs of the patient.


Also known as Enablement, this service is usually based on a fixed period of planned care from 4 to 6 weeks to enable the patient to regain confidence and independence following hospital discharge or a period of illness. Unlike intermediate care, this service is normally provided by specialist care staff. We work with the care manager to develop a flexible, personalised care plan which can be tapered to reduce dependence on care staff, with weekly monitoring, feedback and review of services.

Palliative Care

Care at Home Services supports adult and elderly patients at home who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or condition and wish to stay in their own home rather than a hospital or hospice. Our aim is to make life comfortable for the patient and the family in this difficult time by providing personal care, support and companionship.

Fracture Care

This service is designed to give care and support to patients with fractures and other conditions requiring a plaster cast support, fixed splints and other fixing and retention procedures that restrict mobility of the patient and the ability to carry out basic personal care tasks such as toileting, washing, showering, dressing etc.